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How do I make a reservation?

We offer three easy ways to schedule your child’s party.
  • Placing your reservation on-line at
  • Call the Ice Den Special Events office directly at (480) 585-7465.
  • Schedule an appointment to see the facility and book in person.
    Please schedule at least 24 hrs. in advance by calling (480) 585-7465.

I don’t see the date I’m interested in. Does that mean it’s unavailable?

If you don’t see the date you are interested in please give us a call as we may be able to work around other options for your event or talk through some other dates. You may also be trying to book your party further in advance then what we show on our on-line calendar. If this is case please call to inquire about available times.

Can I make changes to my party package once I make a reservation?

Yes, based on available items and party times. You will also be receiving a confirmation call 5-7 days prior to your event date to discuss the final preparations. You can refer to your “Countdown to Celebration” sheet you received at the time of booking to have a head’s up on what we will need to discuss. There is also space for you write in questions you would like to ask regarding the party. To make any changes to the schedule please call, Nicole Blossey, Sales and Events Manager, at (480) 585-7465 ASAP and no later then 10 days prior to your event date to avoid penalties.

What is the cancellation policy?

At the time of your reservation you were required to leave a non-refundable $200.00 deposit, which served as a guarantee to the Ice Den that you would honor your party reservation. Should you have to cancel your reservation, this deposit cannot be refunded nor can the funds be transferred to another Ice Den program or amenity. The Ice Den is sensitive to schedule changes and we will honor one (1) change of date per party based on available times. Please note that this must be done at least 10 days in advance to avoid penalty charges and can only be scheduled by calling (480) 585-7465. If we are unable to find a different date that is coherent to both parties your party will be considered cancelled and the same policy applies.

Is there a waiver that needs to be signed?

Since our birthday parties are hosted during our public skating sessions we do not require a signed waiver. Please note that we are an “at your own risk” facility with safety standards and policies in place which we ensure our customers adhere to.

Will my child be guaranteed a ride on the Zamboni? And can they bring a friend?

Definitely! This is special, highlighted moment for the birthday child and we ensure they get this moment in the spotlight! Zamboni Rides are scheduled before, during and after the public skate time. Times are determined based on your scheduled room time, party size & our ice surface schedule. These rides are reserved for the birthday person only but provided there is space, an additional rider may be added for $10.00.

Can I bring in additional decorations, snacks, beverages &/or my own Gift Bags?

Before deciding you want to bring additional items with you, check with our Events department to see if you are able to add what you are looking for to your party package. We offer a wide range of items at competitive prices. If we are unable to provide any item for you then, yes, you are more then welcome to bring it with you.

Is gratuity included for the Coordinators or Coaches that assist my party?

Gratuity is not included but is based on your full experience and enjoyment of the party. A typical gratuity amount of 15% of the bill is considered standard, but any gratuity amount is sincerely appreciated.

Are skate trainers/walkers included in the birthday party packages?

Skate Trainers/Walkers will be provided for daytime public skate sessions. Walkers are free of charge to party guests and are given on a first come/first served basis to all public ice skate guests. Please note, while it is our hope that trainers are available for your use, we cannot guarantee each child will have a walker.

For further questions please contact us at